The more you garden the more you learn.  When you are new to gardening things like pruning, propagating plants new plants, even what tools to use can seem confusing.  In fact, most gardening is simple and straightforward.  Below are a few articles to help along the way.

Making the Mary Christie Rose Garden

Winter scent

Bulbs in pots for Christmas

Growing Alliums in containers

Choosing and planting bulbs

Cutting back grasses and perennials

Collecting seed

Deadheading flowering plants

Garden Tools

Garden Spades


Saws and Loppers


Knives and Secateurs

Ground cover plants

Making the most of your greenhouse

Pleached trees

Plants for dry shade

Propagating plants

Dividing herbaceous perennials

Hardwood cuttings

Raising plants from seed

Taking root cuttings


Pruning climbing plants

Pruning evergreen clematis

Pruning roses

Pruning shrubs

Clipping hedges

Pollarding and coppicing trees and shrubs

Renovating old hedges

Revitalising old shrubs

Sedum roofs