This is the ubiquitous yellow daisy, or black-eyed susan, that you see flowering in lots of gardens and public plantings from August to the first frost.  Don’t let its prevalence put you off growing it: its a robust, adaptable plant that flowers its socks off for months on end.Just a few of the reasons why the Royal Horticultural Society has given in an Award of Garden Merit.

Rudbeckia are part of the Aster family and all twenty-two or so species are native to North America.

In the garden they grow best in full sun on moderately fertile, heavy soil.  If you soil is very rich they will grow taller then there usual 90cm height and may need to be staked to stop the flopping over.  Make sure you put the stakes in early in the year before the heavy flowers appear.  Every three or four year digs the plant up during the winter, cut off the old, woody part of the plant and replant the fresh new growth.