Don’t believe anyone who tells you that to grow auriclas to the standard we see at plants shows is easy. They are fussy about the type of compost they will grow in;  particular about how and when they are watered and fed;  need annual repotting and a place out of the rain and in the shade.  If you’ve got the courage they even benefit from a small stake to tie up their delicate flower stems.  Of course, you can still grow them, as I do, and not worry that they have stems that flop or too many flowers.

Of course, even my lackadaisical attitude to them still means more work than most pot plants need. But  they are worth the effort:  few flowers are as exquisite as these.  And gardening shouldn’t always be easy.

Grow them in clay pots on a gritty, loam based compost.  The best place to store them through the winter is under a bench in the greenhouse.  During them summer keep the pots somewhere cool, shady and away from rain.