During my childhood they were called Monbretia and their startling orange files filled the lanes of Ireland when we were on holiday – not a native plant but an escapee from gardens.   Now they are called Crocosmia and their fiery colours well with the vivid colours of autumnal foliage.  Many of the hybrids have finish flowering early Autumn  by  but ‘Emberglow’ hangs on, usually until the end of the October.

They are South African plants that are best in poor, well drained soil in full sun.  In the wild I have seen Crocosmia growing in meadows that are very wet but which dry out in winter.  ‘Emberglow’ is not as vigorous as other hybrids but should still be divided every tree or four years. Do this at the end of the month rather than in spring so that you don’t damage the early growth.